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College Survival USA

An online course to prevent drug abuse, alcohol abuse, distracted driving, and sexual assault for students

Alchohol Abuse
Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
Drug Abuse
Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving
Learn How To Avoid Trouble
Avoid Trouble
Learn How To Survive Until Graduation
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About College Survival USA

College Survival USA was put together by three licensed professionals that have studied the variety of reasons that young people fail. There are numerous stressors that face young people today and contribute to academic failure in both high school and college. As if it is not hard enough making good choices when you are under the umbrella of your parents, then when you move away to college you are left to do as you want with only your peers and your conscience to point you in the right direction. We know that fun is your number one priority, but it comes with a high price. We would like to educate you and help you make an informed decision concerning your choices that will contribute to either your success or failure. In the following videos you will get a chance to look at the consequences of drinking, drugging and texting some of which is done behind the wheel. We believe that education is your ticket to a better life and thinking before you drink, drug or text might be the ticket to your success.