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College Survival USA

About College Survival USA

This course brings together some of the most hard hitting true stories related to poor choices that result in severe consequences. This course allows you to securely create a user account on the web site, pay a fee and then view a series of videos documenting the serious and devastating results of the impact that alcohol, drugs, texting, and sexual assault can play in your life, sometimes behind the wheel, sometimes in your room or dorm.

The creators of this online course have done extensive research in order to help people between the ages of 16-24 meet the challenges they face today! We have not found anything that is both educational and preventive that covers these topics. Our only goal is to prevent you from getting into trouble or worse even hurt which would prevent you from obtaining the valuable education you need. Our experience is that most people get this information ONLY after they are in legal trouble or have been hurt.

With only 12 short videos totaling about 60 minutes to watch, after each video you will take a short quiz! You will then print or email your certificate to yourself and your school. If you need to get multiple copies of your certificate or verify that you have completed the course, you can log back on at anytime. If you have any questions, please visit the contact page!

About The Program Creators

The three creators of this online course are three licensed professionals with 50 years of combined experience. We have worked with a variety of young people focusing on substance abuse and other related issues. We have found that usually they come to us after they have broken the law, failed out of school, been hurt or have been arrested for PI/DUI/drug charges. By then it s too late. Our hope is that a little bit of knowledge now will help you before you take a wrong turn and help you be successful in your academic setting.


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